Moulin des Chânières - Vairé

Vendean rural heritage

The hamlet of Chânières

The windmills are part of our history, and even more of the history of the Vendée:
• During the Vendée wars, the insurgents used it to communicate the positions of the republican troops.
• The Mont des Alouettes is registered as historical monuments.

My Grandfather and my great-granfather were millers, mills are also part of my own story.

The first mills appeared in France around the 11th century. It was used to grind grain and turn them into flour. They recall the time of harvest and work in the fields, the making of bread, symbolic of sharing and values ​​intimately linked to our roots.

Mistreated during the course of history: because of their function of communication with the enemy in time of war, many were destroyed. Others were deprived of their wings because of the "right of the wings", a tax owed by the millers whose mills were in operation.

Today, they are still abused, too often by negligence or ignorance. It is time to do them justice by protecting those who remain in all their authenticity.

I do not get tired because I had a dream ...
Chemins de traverse : Les moulins jumeaux du Terrier Marteau
Des Racines et des Ailes : Moulins de Pouzauges


Thanks to Didier Jouët for this beautiful photo.
You can discover his work here
Moulin du mont des Alouettes - Didier Jouët
Vidéo -moulin, Chânières, Vairé, moulin de Vairé, moulin des Chânières
Patron saints of the mills...

St Blaise: February 3rd
St Honoré: May 16th
St Victor: July 21st
St Christophe: July 25
St Martin: November 11
St. Catherine of Alexandria: November 25
St Barbe, December 4th
moulin bellan

... words and wings

  moulin_des_chanieres moulin_des_chanieres moulin_des_chanieres moulin_des_chanieres
Common langage Mill at rest The miller is busy Good news in the miller's family Bad news in the miller's family
During the wars of vendée Everything is quiet Rally Go back, the enemies are approaching Come on, the enemies are moving back

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